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Thank you for coming to visit our website.  We want to provide the information and services that will help you.

Audrey's operates a home year round for 24 hours, 7 days a week for any woman who is pregnant and needs a safe place to live while her baby grows to birth.  Our home is a temporary residence that is founded on nurturance, support, and safety.  We understand that pregnant women who are in crisis may face many decisions and that their current situation may have been unexpected. Thus our goal is to provide an environment in which pregnant women are able to address the crises they face, experience a pregnancy that they might have, otherwise, thought was impossible, and have time to consider their options and make decisions that are proactive rather than reactive. 

Audrey's accept women of all ages, all creeds and all ethnicities without regard to financial status. Due to space, we give priority to the women who are earliest in their pregnancy, so to have as much time as possible with them.  We are unable to accept women who have other children.

All of our services are provided at no cost to our residents and are individually tailored based on needs and situations. For example: we will provide childbirth classes; parenting classes; life skill development; assistance with obtaining SNAP, TEA, WIC benefits; and information and referrals to other local organizations that are able to provide services such as counseling, adoption, ESL classes, debt counseling, etc. In addition to these services, Audrey's will provide basic needs such as meals and maternal and baby items. For a more comprehensive list of services Audrey's offers, please see Our Services link.

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Drivers who can take our residents to appointments or school.  We have a van that can be used, or a volunteer with insurance coverage can use her own vehicle.  We have car seats as needed.  To help in this way, please call Kay at 479-426-7861.